I have been receiving many comments and mails reporting browser incompatibility, mainly IE6 and IE8. One of iDream user Diana was kind enough to send a screenshot of her homepage having IE6 issues. Many of the users confuse between IE6 and IE8, I am not sure why.

IE6 Screenshot

IE6 Screenshot

The issues with IE6 are many, mainly with 24 bit PNG graphics and CSS, I have attached IE6 and IE8 screenshots. You can also test your site in different browsers using http://browsershots.org/ , I use adobe browser lab for browser testing. All the links with 24 bit PNG graphics as CSS background becomes non-clickable and they appear distorted.

IE6 is officially dead, Google phased out support for IE6, Microsoft said to have sent flowers for IE6 funeral. There is no point in trying to fix IE6 issues compromising the look and feel of the themes along with some Java Script functionality.

IE8 Screenshot

IE8 Screenshot

The only issue I can see on IE8 screenshot is the blurred text. Which is caused by IE8 filter called ClearType, you can remove the feature by following few steps.

-> Click on “Tools” on menu bar
-> Go to “Internet Options”
-> click on “Advanced” tab
-> In “settings” options scroll down to “Multimedia”
-> Uncheck Box for “Always use Clear Type for HTML”
-> Press “Apply” and “OK”

I would love to have your comments and suggestions for next templates and versions. Please write your blog URL when reporting bug/error.

14 thoughts on “Browser Incompatibility With PNGs(24bit), CSS and Other Scripts.

  1. Thought I should bring it to your attention that google doesnt quite like the theme as much as we all hoped. There are a few issues when it comes to load speeds and only gets 73/100. If you look at my site I have tweaked it to run really fast and now gets 93/100 from google, I will happily share with you what I have done so you can update the theme for future users. Michaeltedder.co.uk

  2. The use of Clear type is necessary for big TFT, i cannot read stuff on my 23inch, pixels too thin….
    I tested another theme with a lot of code for ie6 compatibility, it seems that an average is needed.
    No needs to fully support ie6, just cut out the part that damage the page…
    ps: the black outline is terrible, i’ll try a soft grey/azure…

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