TemplatesNext Toolkit is a plugin to help you create beautiful pages with columns, carousels, services, etc.

Currently it has shortcodes for
1. Columns
2. Divider
3. Spacer
4. Testimonials
5. Butons
6. Call To Act
7. Services
8. Portfolios
9. Recent Posts
10. Heading
11. itrans Slider
12. Animate
13. Fancy Block
14. Team

The list will be increasing with time and user request.

To start find the [tx] button in your text editor tool bar (The plugin will have to be installed and active).



On clicking the “tx” button, the list of shortcodes will appear as popup, select the desired schortcode



63 thoughts on “TemplatesNext Toolkit

  1. [tx] button not appearing, other three option are appearing of testimonial, portfolio and itrans slider. Plugin is installed, i also reinstalled and activated it, but button not appearing

  2. there is no button “add slider” how i can insert the images when i want to use i-trans slider? i just a little bit confuse to using this toolkit
    can some one here post the video for using this tool? realy i’m stuck when i try to make same theme like example. thx

      1. Hello,
        I’m sorry I don’t find where I can add the featured images ? I added categories and I am on the slide but there is nothing to add images… Thanks

  3. Hi, when will this plugin be compatible with wordpress version 4.2.2? I would like to install but get the warning it is not compatible yet.

  4. I want to remove the message :
    Welcome To i-MAX”Welcome To i-MAXTo start setting up i-max go to appearance > customize.
    Make sure you have installed recommended plugin “TemplatesNext Toolkit” by going appearance >
    install plugin.
    I have the plugin installed
    can you help me?

  5. Hi, I have installed the TemplatesNext Toolkit plugin, and everything works great, except for the i-trans slider. After creating a number of slides, and their categories, I add the shortcode on a page or an entry but the result is a bit odd. When I load the page the header shows and then the slider and the rest of the content appears over a thousand times. Apart from this odd loop, the slider doesnt actually work, only the image of the first slide is shown. Without the text or the button from that slide showing.

  6. Hello sir..!!
    I am a student. I am just a beginer in WordPress. I am using your theme . but i have some problem in cart. bcz cart is not appear and i having a problem in add products. please help me.

    1. You can do that in upcoming version of “i-trans slider”, you can replace default theme slider with “i-trans slider”.
      Update might come today or tomorrow.

    1. 1. Turn the Wide layout OFF from “Appearance” > “Customize” > “Layout Options” > “Wide Layout”
      2. Go to “Appearance” > “Customize” > “Background Image” and select/upload a background image

      1. Hi Marsian,

        I added the WP Globus plugin ( language feature) and would like to move the language option from the menu bar to the utility bar (right next to the social icons). Can you help?

        Thank you

  7. Do you have a recommendation for proper background image dimensions, I’ve tried all the options available on the “customize page” but image always repeating in tiles.


    1. You seems to have installed a plugin to host your images on different server, most likely jetpack, for security reason the remote images are not resized on the fly. try disabling the plugin

  8. Hello Marsian, I hope you are doing good.

    I am using “Animate” and “Fancy Block” tx shortcodes. They work great on desktop, laptop and tablets, and they really enhance the overall appearance of the website, unfortunately, on mobile it slows everything down and acts as if a glitch was on the site. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for all your help.

  9. Hello Marsian,
    I hope you’re fine.

    I’m writing because since yesterday I have this problem when the plugin is activated:
    Aq_Resize.process() error: $url parameter is required
    Aq_Resize.process() error: $url parameter is required
    Aq_Resize.process() error: $url parameter is required
    Aq_Resize.process() error: $url parameter is required
    Aq_Resize.process() error: $url parameter is required
    Aq_Resize.process() error: $url parameter is required
    Aq_Resize.process() error: $url parameter is required

    I am using
    i-craft 1.1.6

    Do you have an idea of what could have been happened?
    Before yesterday I had no problems and the only new thing I did was creating new portfolios…
    Could you please help me? How can I solve the problem?
    I tried to reactivate..to reinstall…but nothing
    I don’t know what to do..

    Thank you very much for your help

    1. This might happen when you upload image while your url is HTTP and later change it to HTTPS.

      Delete the image and re-upload so the media library stores the right URL against the image.

      1. Thank you for your answer Marsian,
        unfortunately I still have that problem even if I deleted all the images from the library and now each page of the site shows the message (initially it was just the home page). Everything seems normal if I deactivate the plugin.. What it’s also strange is that when it started I did not upload any image.
        I don’t know what to do..

        Thank you

  10. I can’t activate TemplatesNext Toolkit, I receive this:

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare tx_itrans_slider_register() (previously declared in /home/cyntos/domains/cyntos.pl/public_html/wp-content/plugins/nx-shortcode/inc/custom-post-types/itrans-slider.php:13) in /home/cyntos/domains/cyntos.pl/public_html/wp-content/plugins/templatesnext-toolkit/custom-post-types/itrans-slider.php on line 13

    Any suggestions?

    1. Looks like you already have our premium theme i-spirit + premium plugin templatesnext shortcode
      Templatesnext shortcode has all the functions “templatesnext toolkit” has, so you are receiving the conflict error.

  11. All good now sorry the only way i could get it to work was if i edited photo within wordpress. Original was 260 x 260 then cropped it to 255 x 255 and the elongation was fixed for some reason.

  12. Hello Marsian,
    I absolutely love the designs you have created with your various themes.
    I do have one question though…

    I have recently downloaded and using the i-Max theme and on mobile, the menu button seems to be in the way of the header/banner section on my iphone. Is there a way for me to move the menu button somewhere else on the mobile page so it is not a distraction?

    Other than that little problem, everything looks excellent!


  13. Hello, Marsian

    Could you advice how to launch several language version of i-max template? The problem is – how to insert the icon with language name on the header of the site (for example). And to make the main page with i-trans slider into another language? I can clone the main page, but how to make i-trans slider in another language – can’t understand. Can you help?

    1. For default home page (Blog listing),
      1. go to “Appearance” > “Customize” > “Front page Settings” > “Hide i-craft slider” and turn it off.
      2. go to “Appearance” > “Customize” > “Slide” and add/edit your slider
      for static page
      scroll down in edit page screen and choose your slider

  14. Hello, Marsian

    Still, I can’t find the answer how to duplicate the slider from home page to another page and make this slider in another language. If I add to non-home page slider from i-trans menu – it comes not for full width.

    So if it is not workable – pls let me know and I will make through subdomen feauture.

  15. Hi, Marsian,

    I use I-max theme, I have installed WP-Globus for multi language translations. Everything looks ok, except main menu.

    If I translate main menu, for example, from UK to RU – the translation is saved in UK page also, so looks like only 1 language can be saved.

    Or maybe I do something wrong?


  16. Hi.

    How can I exclude an specific categorie with tx_blog?
    For exemple, I don’t want to show the cat number 3, but all the others.
    Something like -3 or !3, but it does not work.
    [tx_blog items="10" columns="2" showcat="show" category_id="-3" show_pagination="yes" carousel="no"]

    1. You can not exclude but you can filter categories with parameter “category_id”, the example usage would be [[tx_blog category_id="1,2,4"]] here the posts from ids 1,2 and 4 will be echoed.

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