Another recent addition to “TemplatesNext Toolkit”. A flexible fullscreen video slider option for your website.

The options available are

Slider Height in % : Height of the slider in percent
Height Reduction in px : If you have a navigation bar or additional bar, enter the height of the bar in pixel.
YouTube Video URL : YouTube video URL.
Overlay Layer : Additional layer style on top of the video to increase readability of the text over it.
Background Image URL : Image to be displayed before the video loads or if you want to create an image slider only.
Background Attachment : Background image behavior on page scroll.
Background Size : Background image sizing.
Logo/Image URL : Optional logo or graphics URL
Title : Title of the slide.
Content : Details of the slide.
Link Text (Button) : Slide link button text.
Link URL : Slide link button URL.

The above slider shortcode would look like:

[tx_vslider height="100" reduct="126" vurl=" overlay="vignette" bgurl="" attachment="fixed" bgsize="cover" imgurl="" title="TemplatesNext ToolKit" linktext="Know More" linkurl=""]"TemplatesNext ToolKit" helps you create services, portfolios, testimonial, etc.[/tx_vslider]