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Quick Start Guide

Step 1. Menu Setup


a. Go to “Appearance” > “Menus”.
b. Create a new menu, add pages and links.
c. Check “Navigation Menu” checkbox and save.

Step 2. Install Recommended Plugins


a. Go to “Appearance” > “Install Plugin”, if recommended plugins are already been installed, this menu will not be there and you can skip this step.
b. Check “Templatesnext Toolkit” and “Breadcrumb NavXT”.
c. Install and activate.

Step 3. Create And Set A Front Page


a. Create a page, say “Front Page” and save
b. Go to “Settings” > “Reading”
C. Set your newly created page as static front page.
d. Do same for blog if you have one.

Step 4. Add Slider On Front Page


a. Open newly created “Front page” in editor.
b. Check “Show default i-excel slider” to show default slider.
c. For custom slider; Use [tx] > “itrans slider” to generate slider shortcode.
d. Add the shortcode in “Other slider plugin shortcode” meta field.

Step 5. Customize Theme Options


a. Go to “Appearance” > “Customize”.
b. Setup your theme color, logo, layout etc.

Video Guide

17 thoughts on “Tutorials

  1. Hi

    May i know how to setup the 4 column with images and text below it, same as the below part of “welcome to i-excel”

  2. Hi, Thanks for this wonderful i-excel theme. It is very good and beautiful. I can not find any settings for footer widgets. Where are they? There are no any settings in widget area, nor in theme options. I am also not able to find any setting two change footer widget columns (3 columns for example)


    1. The max size is defined in CSS, line number 928

      .site-header .home-link img
      max-height: 64px;
      max-width: 280px;

      overwrite the value and paste it in “Appearance” > “Customize” > “Layout Options” > “Additional style”

  3. Love the theme, set up seems quite easy. Where might I find information on the Social Links? Would like to remove some as they are not needed.

    1. Go to “Appearance” > “Customize” > “Social Links” and empty the fields for the unwanted one.
      Emptying the field will remove the icons from the bar

  4. I’m having a little trouble getting started with this theme and building a slider.
    In the instructions:

    1. Go to “itrans Slider” on your dashboard menu items.
    2. Create Categories for multiple slider.
    3. Add slides for the sliders (slide featured image is used as slide image) .

    I’m not sure where to add the slides – or assign categories to images.

    Sorry for the beginners question..

        1. 1. For wide layout go to “Appearance” > “Customize” > “layout Options” > “Wide Layout” (your contents will remain within 1200px container)
          2. To have wider “Blocks” forcing full width beyond 1200px, use shortcode [tx] > “Fancy Block” turn on “Force Fullwidth”
          3. To animate something , place it within shortcode [tx] > “Animate”

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