Jarrah -  Free WordPress theme

Jarrah - Free WordPress theme

Just released the first version of wordpress theme. it comes with four widget areas, 1 on right side and 3 in bottom. the bottom side bar can be activated from admin panel theme option. The copyright notice also can be changed from theme option. For the top navigation i used lavalamp. An article by Cory helped me integrating the lavalamp+dropdown with wordpress.

It is being the first free wordpress theme release, i would love to receive your feedbacks and comment to improvise the template as well as in developing upcoming free wordpress theme releases. for now enjoy this template and feel free to send your comments and feedbacks.

Theme Features:

  • 2 Column.
  • XHTML validated.
  • Theme option.
  • Optional 3 column bottom (footer) bar
  • Sticky post.
  • Threaded comment.
  • Widgets ready.

Download and Demo : http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/jarrah

52 thoughts on “Version 1.1 of WordPress Theme “Jarrah” Released

    1. There is a aissue of left-aligned image or right-aligned images when there are not enough text around it. i will fix this issue in next version in couple of days.

  1. Hi there :)…

    I would like to say I’m really found of this theme, it’s easy, simple, modern and great looking.Up to this day I have installed and tried many different themes for my website but I think I’ll stick to this one for a long time.

    Second I hope to see more theme options for adjusting the look and feel of this theme, maybe you are already working on it but it’s something I do like allot about WordPress themes.Anyway just keep up the good work with this theme and hope to see some updates in the future 🙂

    1. Thanks BlitWave for the appriciation. i will keep publishing new version with more options. keep posting your suggestion.

    1. The easiest way to translate in a single language is changing the English words used in the template files(index.php, comments.php, sidebar.php, single.php, searchform.php, archive.php, bottombar.php, search.php, page.php and single.php).

      Be careful when changing within < ?php and ?>, if you do any mistake you can always download a fresh copy, and overwrite old files. we all learn making mistakes,

  2. Hello

    First I want to thank you for this nice, simple and very professional theme 🙂 but i have a question. How do i increase the tag line size. Also, how do i modify the Jarrah theme by Templates Next | Powered by WordPress phrase at the bottom of the templete. I am planning to cited or reference templates Next in my about page.

    Thank you,

    1. currently the theme has fixed height header, that makes a longer site name and longer tag line split in 2 lines and hide bellow the menu bar. i will fix this issue in next version.

      check the footer.php for the “Jarrah theme by Templates Next | Powered by WordPress”. could not understand the last part

  3. i have tried you many times now through phone calls and emails. who do i contact to get help with your site. we missed our dead line again.

    it is fuzzy now and blurry to many viewers… i gave you all the info to make adjustments.
    but am not hearing from you . who can help me i need this asap and missed my deadline because you did not call me or take care of the issue as promised since sat. i need to get this corrected

  4. i have installed the template, but i have a number of categories for the right hand margin besides \”blogroll\” that are not showing up. is this a limitation of the template or am i doing something wrong? when i go into the links dashboard, the headings all seem activated. unfortunatley, all of the links are showing up under blogroll! please help.

  5. Hi – In the middle of a big project I changed theme on the target blog. Why? Because I like Jarrah that much! Was it wise to do this just now? heh … mebbe not … unanticipated consequences may be lurking … but I sure do like the results!


  6. p.s. 2 things: I immediately changed CSS so links would be underlined … for me that’s fundamental … and then found I could only get rid of / move the RSS Feed thingie from the most prominent position on the page by cutting out the PHP is SideBar … which seems to me pretty crude. But again: I sure do like the results!

  7. Fantastic theme, the lavalamp feature with dropdown is great. Is there anyway to exclude certain pages from appearing in the navigation?

  8. Hi Marsian,

    I really like the Jarrah theme.
    Is there an easy way to make the widget titles in the sidebar like the categories title, in the nice blue ribbon?

    1. There will be a css class like
      “div.widget-cat h4 {”
      you will have to add the class in css with a comma like

      “div.widget-cat h4,
      div.widget h4, {“

  9. I am using your theme for my tonyzeoli.com site. Please visit my home page and tell me how to fix the widgets. I had changed the widgets to a certain order, and this is what happened. Now, I cannot change them back. Please advise.

  10. Hi I love your theme, but am wondering is it possible to “hide” the title page in the body of the page.

  11. Marsian,
    Great theme. I have installed it on my site. The “RSS Feed” link at the top right corner used to work just fine but after I installed a feedburner plugin and activated it, the “RSS Feed” link only returns a 404 error page when clicked. What wrong could I have done? Appreciate your response soon.

  12. Thank you
    Make this a beautiful theme, but I need your help
    Fields can be changed from left to right it?
    Love this theme, but not any technology can be its own change, thank you.

  13. I can’t wait to use the Jarrah theme for my next blog. I just installed the iDream theme and it’s just amazing. It’s a sharp looking template – clean and neat – and it’s a breeze to work with. I would recommend this template to anyone. Thanks.

  14. LOVE this theme, except i’ve noticed an issue with regards to the lava lamp on IE7. I can send you a screenshot if you’d like. Am more than happy to help you debug if/when I get some time.

  15. Hi, I uploaded your theme on my blog, and the header is huge and I can\’t make it smaller. Also the logo, my logo, doesn’t appear on the header. Do you know why?

  16. Hello, great theme, nice and clean thank you. One thing, how do you get a flash header up the top?? im new to all this, i have a flash header on my other theme but it wont show on this one. Help!!

  17. Quick question: I’ve got a drop-down list of posts on my archive pages. The list defaults to a blocky square style instead of the rounded-corner chrome with the blue arrows. It looks the way I want it to in other themes, but I can’t find the CSS or JS that is causing it to look that way. Can you point me in the right direction?

    For reference, the page I’m testing is here: http://test.awfulcool.com/category/corporate/financial

  18. Nevermind. According to the law of the internet, as soon as I ask the question I find the answer. Style.css lines 138 & 147. Thanks for the great theme – very clean and well organized.

  19. Beautiful theme – very easy to add onto and work with – thank you.

    Everything was running very well until the new FF4 update.

    Now the site is skewed and missing it’s background container… Safari, FF3.x etc. all look great.

    Any thoughts on how to fix this?



  20. I have uploaded the latest version of Jarrah, I have disabled all plugins, and the site (http://www.ravenscrytheatre.com) still looks wrong in FF4.

    I’ve looked through the page code and it looks great (to me).

    Interestingly, I use The Events Calendar plugin and that calendar looks perfect when the plugin is enabled.

    Does anyone have any thoughts?

    All comments are welcomed.


  21. OK – got it… turns out I had a text/html widget that had a closing that was apparently conflicting with the base theme… Totally weird since it validates. And every other browser shows it correctly.

    But whatever, problem solved and moving on.

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